New Adjuster Q&A

Learn To Adjust | Q&A

1. What license/s do I need to start adjusting?
Start with your home state (State you legally reside in based on DL address) and apply for a resident adjuster’s license which is state issued. You will be required to take a course and pass a test before getting the state license.
2. I already have my Resident Adjuster’s license what do I do next?
It depends a little bit on which direction you want to take with your adjusting career, but if you choose to work as an Independent Adjuster you are going to apply to multiple IA firms and speak to their recruiters who are there to assist and prepare you for meeting any qualifications which are required to be deployed. (A few firms are Worley, Eberle, BestIRS, and EArenfroe, but there are many out there)
  • The steps in order, are typically:
  1. Get on the roster
  2. Meet the firm’s minimum requirements for deployment. (Typically orientation, a few online modules, proof of State license, and a few more…
  3. Make sure to get your carrier certifications which are required for you to adjust, but can’t be taken until the classes are scheduled. (State Farm, Allstate, etc... ask when the training classes are held or for a class schedule.)
  4. Learn Xactimate or Audatex or similar software’s which you must be completely proficient in if you plan on field adjusting (Decide on if you want to do Auto or Property or do both until you have a preference)
  5. Further prepare for deployment by acquiring more licensing and learning or gain experience by getting an entry level inside/ desk job for one of the big insurance carriers.
*Most firms also offer additional training, which might increase your chances of getting deployed when the time comes. These are not required classes but a nice extra if you can afford them. If you already have a similar work background you might skip them and focus on the other certifications which you *must have*.
3. I’m a new adjuster with many different licenses, and I’ve worked catastrophe claims but now I can’t find any work, what am I doing wrong?
Being an IA is not an easy career to find full-time work in. Many companies require 2+ years of claims experience and only when the demand of claims is too high (such as after multiple disasters) will newer adjusters be getting deployed to work. Do not get discouraged, it takes patience and hard work to make it as an independent adjuster. If you haven’t found any more work through the IA firms yet, try searching for entry level adjuster, and ? ECTA? Claims assistant positions. Many large insurance companies hire directly, but they also hire through the IA firms so keep in touch with your recruiters at the IA firms and make sure to call them regularly. (You will likely be working inside/ desk jobs until you gain experience of get deployed for a Catastrophe)
4. I’m a new adjuster, what should I expect?
Most field adjusters will spend 90% traveling, all over the US for work. If you get an inside position, you will work in an office, but don’t have much control over when and where the position is needed. If family life or other circumstances doesn’t allow you to travel much, then you want to search for local jobs working directly for the large insurance carriers, which is where you are most likely to get hired as a salaried employee working in a regional office.
5. What associations or other resources can I use to network and help me find work?
LIST of Most Common/ Useful Carrier and Insurance Industry Certifications:
  • Home State License
  • State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual Carrier Certs
  • TWIA, TFIP if you plan to adjust in Texas (can be taken online)
  • Xactimate Level 1 & 2 Certifications (if you plan to property adjust)
  • Audatex, CC1, or … (for auto)
  • NICTA training only if required by IA firm (also online)
  • California Fair Claims course
  • org
  • NAcatadjuster association
  • NFIP/ FEMA flood certification must have 2 years of experience before qualified
  • NICTA to help apply for/ keep track of multiple state licensing
*Most of these certifications are offered for FREE through the IA firms. Class schedules for SF carrier certification can only be found through a firm.   TOP 5 IA Firms EA Renfroe…