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Frequently Asked Questions

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What license(s) do I need to start adjusting?

Start with your home state. This is the state you legally reside in based on the address on your Driver’s License.

Apply for a resident adjuster’s license which is state issued. In some states, you will be required to take a course and/or pass a test before being issued your adjuster’s license.

I already have my Resident Adjuster's license what do I do next?

It depends on which direction you want to take with your adjusting career.

If you choose to work as a self-employed, independent contractor (also known as an Independent Adjuster), you are going to apply to staffing firms which offer short-term contract assignments.

If you choose to work directly for an insurance Carrier or a Third Party Administrator (TPA), you will apply for employment through a recruiter or through other traditional means such as career-placement websites Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, etc.

If you are self-employed, most staffing firms expect you will be trained and properly equipped to perform the work without supervision.

If you are working directly for the insurance company or their Administrator, some level of on-the-job training is usually provided.

I am a new adjuster, what should I expect?

Many self-employed, Field adjusters will spend 50%-75% of their day traveling. Some Field adjusters “deploy” to work in locations other than in their local home town. Those who deploy will travel away from home for a period of 2 weeks to sometimes years, depending on the contract they choose to accept.

Some self-employed adjusters will elect to work in an office environment but will still be required to deploy out to the insurance Carrier’s preferred work site.

Adjusters who choose to work directly for a Carrier or it’s Third Party Administrator will tend to be a direct staff member with generally 0%-50% travel time. These jobs are also office or Field-based, depending on the position for which you have accepted.

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