Common resume blunders

What is the biggest mistake I see adjusters make on their resumes? They think like THEMSELVES!

The next big blunder? They don’t think like a Hiring Manager would for the role of interest.

What do I mean by this?

LOTS of people are secretive, insecure or just plain old paranoid! And there’s nothing wrong with any of these traits. Except that it may stop you from interacting freely with others.

The adjuster community is SOCIAL and ever-changing! So when you present your resume to a hiring manager, you cannot present a Secretive or Paranoid image. Because hiring you won’t properly represent the image the company is trying to project!

Instead, you must present your best face. And you do this by providing all basic information the company will need upfront to contact you. Instead of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs expecting a Hiring Manager to come looking for you!

Specifically what I mean is … how many of you leave your address OFF your resume? Simple, right? At least 30% of new resumes I receive DO NOT have an address on them. Such a basic means for contact that is being “held back” by the person Asking for an opportunity!

The reasons I have been given vary: “I forgot.” “I didn’t think they needed it before I am hired.” “I don9;;t want everyone to have my information.”

Regardless of your reasoning, thinking like You is what is helping to hold YOU back. If a hiring company wanted to enter your information into the roster, they would have to send a request to you to get enough information in order to take such a basic step.

Also if the company is categorizing adjusters by their location… you haven’t given them enough information to even consider you.

So this is why I say stop thinking like yourself and start thinking more globally or like an employer would. Start with the basics! Look at your resume with objective eyes and see what message you put across. Are you open? Friendly? Approachable? Or are you mysterious and hard-to-read?

Chances are that changing your presentation style will get you a Fresh Look from the company of your choice! Good luck friends 🙂

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