Angela Henderson is an award-winning claims professional whose passionate and dedicated claims work propelled her into management roles early in her career. Angela specializes in claims practices and law and has served as Claims Manager for some of the fastest growing niche Carriers in the industry.

Since 2008, Angela has been a brand ambassador and spokesperson for a number of claims organizations – delivering insurance education and diversity education through seminars, curricula and trainings. In 2014, Angela started the Northern Virginia Claims Association which quickly propelled to serve the largest membership base of its affiliates in the state.

The Virginia Commonwealth University alum is a sought-after speaker, host and correspondent who leverages her background in insurance, marketing and communications.

With her background and love for research and claims law, Angela created Learn To Adjust; a resource blog for new and aspiring claims professionals to obtain information about the industry and advice on how to transition into the field without sacrificing financial stability. Users have praised the site’s friendly and open communications as everyday people want to bridge the knowledge gap into the complex world of insurance to make their work and personal lives more efficient.

Over the past year, Angela has helped more than 3,000 developing claims professionals providing directed feedback to find employment and training opportunities in the field.